San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

Performing Arts Competition


      San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival holds the New Concept  Performing Arts Competition which includes: Vocal Music & Instrumental Music,  Dance, Fashion Show, Music Composition, and Drama Skits, etc. Music  Composition, and Drama Skits composition will be online while others are onsite.

2.Competition Schedule and Location:

Entry Deadline: July 31, 2022. Applicants apply online:

Competition Date:  August 21, 2022, Sunday

Location: Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral Auditorium,660  California St, San Francisco, CA 94108,USA

3.The groups of the competition:

Children Group 1: Under 12 years old.

Children Group 2: 13-18 years old.

Youth Group: 19-30 years of age.

Adult Group: 31-65 years old.

Senior Group: Over 66 years old.

4.Categories of the competition:

Solo, duet, trio or group.

Please e-mail music MP3 file to prior to the competition. 


San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival 

6.Entry fee of the competition:

A. Sole participant: Registration fee: $80.

B. Duet, Trio Dancers group (2-3 dancers): Registration fee: $120.

C. Group over 4: $25 for each dancer.

7.The Judge Committee:

Professional artists, teachers as well as professors. 


First Prize: Trophy and certificate, has an opportunity to be invited to perform at  a special event. 

Second Prize: Trophy and certificate 

Third Prize: Trophy and certificate  

The top winners of each group will be awarded by certificates.  

Note: The final interpretation of the competition result belongs to the Organizing Committee of the contest.


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