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1.San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival holds the 2019 Film Music Performing Competition in both vocal and instrumental.


2. Competition Schedule and Location:

Preliminary: By May 28-31, 2019, contestants can e-mail MP4 file to:

Final: August 3 – 4th, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA


3. Three age group of the competition:

A. Future Star Group: 3. under 20 (including 20)years of age

B. Youth Group: 21-50 years old

C. Ruby Group: 51-65 years old

D. Diamond Group: over 66 years of age


4. Categories of the competition:

4. Solo, duet, trio, group singing or instrumental play, chorus, etc. Please e-mail music MP4 file to prior to competition.


5. Organizer: San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival


6. The requirements of the competition:

A. Sole participant: registration fee: $80.

    (1) The contestants may choose the Chinese and the foreign film songs to participate in the competition.

    (2) Basic requirements: tone, intonation; pronunciation, enunciation is clear, full of emotion.

    (3) The time of singing or playing is no more than four minutes.

    (4) Good stage manor and expressive style.

B. Duet, Trio, Ensemble or group singing/players (2-9 persons): registration fee: $120.

C. 10-15 small Chorus / Ensemble: registration fee: $200.

D. 16 people or above chorus/ensemble: the registration fee: $400.


7. The Judge Committee:

Professional singers, musicians as well as professors.


8. Awards:

First Prize: Trophy and certificate, will be invited to perform at the award ceremony or special event.

Second Prize: Trophy and certificate.

Third Prize: Trophy and certificate.

*The top dance of each group will be awarded by certificates.


9. Competition Scoring:

Note: The final interpretation of the competition result belongs to the Organizing Committee of the contest.