Payyannūr San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

第九屆舊金山國際新概念電影節火熱徵片中_2022 SFNCFF Calls For Entries The San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival established in 2010, from 2014 to 2021, has been successfully held  eight sessions. The 2022 Film Festival is in full swing. So far, more than 60 films of various types have been received from more than 10 countries, including feature films, short feature films, documentaries, cartoons, experimental films, musicals, etc. The 9th New Concept Film Festival 2022 will be held in San Francisco from October 27th to 30th. This is the resumption of offline large-scale events after the new crown epidemic in 2020-2021. Filmmakers and film lovers are welcome to join in and gather in San Francisco for the grand event! 舊金山國際新概念電影成立于2010年,從2014年到2021年,已經成功地舉辦了八屆。2022年電影節的徵片正在火熱進行中,至今已收到來自十多個國家的六十多部各類型影片,包括劇情長片,故事短片,紀錄片,動畫片,實驗片,音樂片等。2022年第九屆新概念電影節將於10月27日至30日在舊金山舉辦。這是在2020-2021年的新冠疫情之後恢復線下的大型活動。歡迎電影人與電影愛好者共同參與,齊聚舊金山,共襄盛舉!


4479 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94112

Phone:    1-(415) 672-2809

SFNCFF cooperates with American Art Institute

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