2014 SFNCFF Awards

2014 SFNCFF Award Winning List

Awards category

Winning film / winner

1. Best Film Award– “Pearl Chang”US
2. Best Documentary Award– To Defend Diaoyu Islands – The Voice from San FranciscoUS
3. Best Cinematography Award– “Pearl Chang” _ Michael StreetUS
4. Best Film Editing Award– “Pearl Chang” & “Sweet Kiss” _ Hsiao, Chih-ChiehUS
5. Best Film Producing Award– “Sweet Kiss”US
6. Best Commercial Film Making Award– “China MobileChina
7. Best Animation 2D Award– “Lady and the FrogUS
8. Best Film Make-Up Award– “Pearl Chang” & “Sweet Kiss” _ Jiali YuUS
9. Best Leading Actor Award– “I am Single” _ Jason LaiUS
10. Best Leading Actor Award– “The Witness” _ Zhou GuohaiChina
11. Best Leading Actress Award– “Pearl Chang” _ Joanna ZhangUS
12. Excellent Film Making Award– “The Witness”China
13. Excellent Potential Film Making Award– “I am Single”US
14. Excellent New Film Maker Award-“Running To YouUS
15. Excellent Documentary Award– “Halleck Creek Ranch”US
16. Excellent Documentary Directing Award– “The Making of Drama”US
17. Excellent Creative Film Award– “The Others”US
18. Excellent Potential Music Award– “I’m my own man”China
19. Excellent Website Support Award– Mo LiUS
20. Audience Most Favorite Film Award– “Pearl Chang”US
21. Audience Most Favorite Actor Award– “I am Single” _ Jason Lai & “Pearl Chang” Xingjiu LiuUS
22. Audience Most Favorite Actress Award– “Pearl Chang” _ Joanna ZhangUS