San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

Our Mission

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival is a US government approved
501(C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. We provide an international platform for
all film lovers, professional filmmakers, and film or media students who love
filmmaking to stand out. We try to discover and select potential talents with new
techniques & skills, who demonstrate the original concept and accelerate their
development within the film industry. Our task: encourage new filmmakers for their new
productions; encourage and celebrate original and insightful screenwriting and new
ideas in the film; accept films in all categories and subject matter; make friends and
enhance communication through films.
San Francisco is one of the important birthplaces of film and television in the world. Our
mission is to inspire outstanding film talents from all over the world to gather here once
a year to jointly promote the development of future films, explore new ideas and
actively practice film creation.