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Wayne Diu

Thanks to the organizers Joanna and Elizabeth for screening my ultra low-budget feature “The Dental Plan” and recognizing it with an award. The screening was very well-attended and I had some interesting discussions with the audience afterwards. The gala night was most impressive and took place in a beautiful location. But it was not just an awards show: there were live performances and a nice dinner afterwards too, where filmmakers could meet each other and chat. I congratulate the organizers on the gala which was really well organized. Everything ran smoothly, especially considering it was such a large event, which would have made it particularly difficult to organize! During the gala night, I found out as well that the organizer Joanna received an award from the president. Congratulations as well to Joanna for this huge accomplishment!  Well done!!!

Shihyun Wang

We are so proud and happy that our film “Veteran Stories” won Best Historical documentary at the 2022 event. Our films have been selected 4 times in the last 3 years but this is our first award. This is a great event and we got to meet so many filmmakers with same passion and new concept. Thank you for letting us be a part of this great festival.

Sybil Jatta


This festival inspired me to leap into filmmakers world forever! This team led by the beautiful and gracious producer Joanna Zhang, created a stellar Red Carpet awards ceremony! Such a glorious experience! Thank you all so much for honoring our film project “AKWAABA The Awakening”. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Submitting my film to the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival has been a highlight of my creative career! It’s wonderful when your friends tell you your work is good. But it’s that much more meaningful, and inspiring, to be recognized by your peers in your professional endeavors. This film festival will be a regular stop for my future submissions. ROLL CAMERA!🎬🎥🎞️


Nicolai Tegeler

Great! Thank you all for your amazing support!

Nicolai Tegeler

Haleh Saberi

An absolutely amazing festival I participated with my short Broken. Thank you!

Haleh Saberi

Luca Machnich

Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team

Luca Machnich

Hezreel Robertson

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival. We greatly enjoyed the presentations and hope and pray for the continued success of this festival.

Hezreel Robertson

Steve Bowker

Thank you for selecting my film and for thisms g read opertunity

Steve Bowker

Ryan Nelson Louie

“It is such an honor to screen “Home Video Collection” at your festival. This is the first film I have ever sent to festivals, so I feel so fortunate for the opportunity. You all do an amazing job encouraging new filmmakers to express themselves and share their perspectives with the world, and I am excited to see what SFNCFF has in store for years to come!”

Laura Carruthers

This festival celebrates “new concepts” – unique ways of communicating that bridge our passions and push their boundaries, and that’s what the transcendent art of film-making is all about. It was a great privilege to contribute to it and to be recognized by it.

James M Myers

This was one of the most welcoming and friendly festivals I’ve attended. Awesome networking opportunities and great energy at the Red Carpet Gala and Awards Ceremony. I highly recommend this festival!

Sahara James Marlowe

It was my very first film festival to attend. I was welcomed with warmth and surrounded by legends in the industry, as well as younger talent. I enjoyed the experience and hope to be part it again in the future!
Joanna was a great host, very informative & genuinely caring about her guests.

Mark Bellusci

Great to be in this. Thanks.

Lubomir Dankov

Best Wishes to your festival!

Ken Sagoes

I am deeply honored that “The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie” was selected to be a part of your festival. May the festival continue to provide filmmakers a platform that fosters creativity and self expression.

Kayi Li

It is an honor to join San Francisco International New Concept FilmFestival and won the “Best Short Documentary” award. Excellent experience even though this year’s event is online.

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