2023 San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival
Film Awards List

Feature Film:

1.Best Feature Film “A Three Storey Comedy”_Serbia塞尔维亚

2.Best Chinese Feature Film “Denger and I 等儿的湿地”_China

3.Best Science Fiction Film “THE HERALD 降领者”_China

4.Best Music Feature Film “Dancing for whom? 为谁而舞?”_China

5.Best Sports Feature Film “Go Beyond 我要赢” _China

6.Best Vietnamese Science Fiction Film “ABDUCTION”_Vietnam

7.Excellent Feature Film “The Namessime”_Switzerland

8.Excellent Feature Film “The Night Rain South Township 野果之歌”_China

9.Excellent Ethnic Feature Film “Wind 隨風飄散”_China

10.Excellent Music Feature Film “Miracle Band 奇跡樂隊”_China

Directors and Producers:

1.Best Film Director Sandra Mitrovic -“A Three Storey Comedy”_Serbia塞尔维亚

2.Best New Concept Film Director Yi Lin 林毅-“Go Beyond 我要赢” _China


1.Best Leading Actor DINH MENH – DESTINY”- DAN NGUYEN_Vietnam

2.Best Leading Actress  

Denger and I 等儿的湿地” Zhaohan Huang黃兆函- _China

3.Best Supporting Actress

Miracle Band 奇跡樂隊”-Meijuan Xi奚美娟_China

4.Best Children Actor

Go Beyond 我要赢”- Junhao Zhang张君昊 _China

Documentary Film:

1.Best Documentary “UNCONDITIONA”_USA

2.Best Ethnic Food TV Series Documentary “Taste of Xinjiang 新疆滋味”_China

3.Excellent Documentary “STEM Roots”_USA

4.Excellent Documentary “Mother of the Station”_Greece

5.Excellent Documentary TRACE-Tracing Rare African Canadian Extraordinaire”_Canada

Narrative Short Film

1.Best Narrative Short Film GAZE 不許笑”_China

2.Best Vietnamese Action Narrative Film “DINH MENH – DESTINY’_Vietnam

2.Best Children Narrative Short Film “I AM POEM”_USA

3.Best Visual Effects Narrative Short Film Echo”_UK

4.Best Female Themed Narrative Short Film “Via Dream”_China

5.Excellent Narrative Short Film “Fili”_USA

6.Excellent Narrative Short Film “Letter ”_China

7.Excellent Narrative Short Film “Bonding”_USA

8.Excellent Narrative Short Film “Bad Vintage: A Randy Tale”_US

9.Excellent Narrative Short Film “Bali Frodo”_Russia

10.Excellent New Concept Short Film “The Not So Flightless, Flightless Bird”_USA

11.Excellent Local Short Film “Take No for an Answer”_USA

Documentary Short Film:

1.Best Short Documentary “The Importance of Strange Perceptions”_USA

2.Best Ethnic Food Short Documentary “Big Plate Small Meal大盘小膳”_China

3.Best Cinema History Documentary “The Lost Cinema 洪都电影”_China 

4.Excellent Short Documentary “Disability”_Australia

5.Excellent Historical Short Documentary “Growing with our family tree 尋根”_Taiwan

6.Excellent Short Documentary Aris Demetrios: Sculpture From The Heart“_USA

7.Excellent Short Documentary “Koh Phangan Man”_USA

8.Excellent Agriculture Short Documentary “The Soul of Sicily”_USA/Italy

9.Excellent Short Documentary “The Making of Smarter Cars ing 行者”_China

10.Excellent Art Education Documentary: “There Are New Actor” _USA 

11.Excellent Student Directing Documentary “The Call of Hometown故鄉的召喚”_USA

12.Excellent Student Post Production “Inside The Factory”_China

13.Excellent Student Short Documentary “Lotus Roots”_USA

14.Excellent Student Short Documentary “Murmur 喃喃秘语”_CHINA

        15.Excellent Music Documentary “Balkancisco”__USA

Experimental Film

1.Best  Experimental Film “Liminality”_USA

2.Excellent Experimental Film “Dissonance”_US

        3.Excellent Experimental Film “Fellini Mastoma … a film of no return”_USA


1.Excellent Animation Documentary “Diomysus”_UK

2.Excellent Animation “Rain”_Canada

        3.Excellent Visual Effects “Motion Design Series”_China

Music Video:

1.Best Music Video “This Era 這個年代”_USA

2.Best Performing Music Video “Rattle My Cage”_USA

3.Excellent Music Video “Parallax”_USA

4.Excellent Music Video “Kogershin”_Kazakhstan

5.Excellent Student Music Vide “IT’S A TRAP 困在街上”_China


1.Best Student Commercial “eterno”_USA

2.Excellent Student Commercial “Discord – “Your Place to Talk”_USA


1.Best Screenwriting for Feature Film

Dad, I love you 爸爸我爱你”- Haiyan Zhang張海燕_China

2.Excellent Short Film Script “Bet on Life賭命”-Cathy 心漫_China

Film Editing

1.Best Film Editing “The Unlock ” by Luna Yang_UK

Art Design

1.Best Art Design & Special Effects “THE HERALD 降领者”_China


1.Best Cinematography “A Three Storey Comedy”_Serbia塞尔维亚

Sound & Music Recording

Best Sound & Music Recording “Dancing for whom? 为谁而舞?”_China



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