2020 San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival
Film Awards List

   Documentary Short Film:

  1. Best Short Documentary: “The Art of Fortune Cookie” _USA
  2. Best Historical Short Documentary: “Going Home” _USA
  3. Excellent Short Documentary: “Meet The Stars” _USA
  4. Excellent Educational Short Documentary: “The 7th Special Training Class”_USA
  1. Best Documentary: “Mustang Saviors” _USA
  2. Excellent Documentary: “The Donbass Children” _Bulgaria


  1. Best Music Video: “The Most Beautiful View of Back最美的背影” _China
  2. Excellent Music Video Composition: “The Last Dance” _USA
  3. Excellent Music Video Composition: “Town of Water” _USA
  4. Excellent Poem Video: “Join Hands to Fight The Epidemic” _USA


  1. Excellent Commercial: “About the Girl in the Trunk” _USA


  1. Best Animation Film: “MY TAGALONG” _Canada

   Narrative Short Film:

  1. Best Short Narrative Film: “It’s Look Sunshine” _South Korea
  2. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “The Chinese New Year Eve 三十” _China
  3. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “Lip Reader: Game Of Detective唇语师:推理游戏”_China
  4. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “The Turnaround” _USA
  1. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “Juicy Girl” _South Korea
  2. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “The McHenry Trial” _USA
  3. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “Missing” _USA 
  4. Excellent Short Narrative Film: “Tinhead” _USA
  5. Excellent Student Film: “Lullaby” _USA

   Experimental Film:

  1. Excellent Experimental Film: “Manasanamaha” _India

   Feature Film:

  1. Best Feature Film: “Where Is My Home雇来的爸爸” _China
  2. Best Comedy Film: “Shut Down 關機 ” _China
  3. Best Music Feature Film: “Moon Light 月光” _USA
  4. Best Vietnamese Feature Film: “The Royal Bride-Gai Gia Lam Chieu” _Vietnam
  5. Excellent Creative Screenwriting: “The Crazy Camgirl 第一直播”_China
  6. Excellent Feature Film: “Honorable Sins” _Canada
  7. Excellent Feature Film: “Fill Your Heart” _USA
  8. Excellent Vietnamese Comedy Film: “The Heiress – Quy Co Thua Ke_Vietnam

   Best Producer:

Lei Gu, Chengbiao Peng 顾蕾,彭成彪 “Shut Down 關機” _China

   Best Screenwriter:

Pengxiong Wu 吴鹏雄 “Never Meet Again 岚海坛•陌路无期“ _China

   Best Director:

Mauro Mauad “I Don’t Want To Be Without You” _Colombia

   Best Supporting Actor:

Hank Chen 陳漢典 “Never Meet Again 岚海坛•陌路无期“ _China

   Best New Actor Award

Hengyu Zhang張恆俞 “Never Meet Again 岚海坛•陌路无期“ _China

   Best Leading Actor:

Luan Song “The Heiress – Quy Co Thua Ke”_Vietnam

   Best Leading Actress:

Ruoqing Liu 劉若清 ”The Horse of Youth 青春之骏” _China


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