2022 SFNCFF New Concept Contest Awards

Dear Contestants and your team and families:

Congratulations on your great success at the 2022 New Concept Performing Arts Contest! Please review the enclosed Awards List. All the Judges carefully observed your performance and judged reasonably. Your hard work and diligent efforts are highly appreciated and have won the relevant prize! Wish you continue to work on your art progress!

Great thanks to all the Judge members: Music, Dance & Model Show, and Vocal Music, all teams!

Special thanks to our volunteer group members, staff, and crews!

We will hold a Celebration Party around the end of September to deliver the trophies.  The location and the schedule are to be determined and then announce later.

Thanks again to all of the participants! We are sure it will be better next year!

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival_SFNCFF

SFNCFF Judge Committee 



恭喜您在 2022 年新概念表演藝術大賽中取得佳績! 請查看隨附的獎項評選列表。所有的評委都仔細觀察了你們的表演,並做出了合理的評判。你們的辛勤工作和勤奮努力受到高度讚賞,並獲得了相關的獎項! 祝你在藝術道路上繼續努力!



我們將在 9 月底左右舉行慶祝派對,以頒發獎杯。 地點和時間安排待定,稍後公佈。

再次感謝所有的參與者! 我們相信明年會更好!



2022 Dance & Fashion Contest Award

Dance舞蹈大赛 Name Age 人数 Dance Name 小组排名 奖项
儿童组Children Star Group中國舞/现代舞 5-14
1 Muyun Eva Li 6 Solo 驰聘草原 Running In The Prairie i 一等奖
2 Emma Wang 8 Solo 风中的思念 Thoughts In The Wind 2 二等奖
3 银河少儿舞蹈团 4-8 9 教室内外丨n & Out Classroom 1 一等奖
4 American Art Institute Children Dance Group美国艺术! 6-8 9 傣家姑娘Dai Girls 2 二等奖
成人组Ruby Group中國舞/现代舞
6 Grace Gladue 嘉琪(MA State) Solo OL Swan Goose 鴻雁 OL1 一等奖
7 Artysian Performing Arts Center 5 梨花颂 1 一等奖
耆英组Diamond Group中國舞
8 American Art Institute 美国艺术学院 10 梁祝 1 一等奖
9 东方舞蹈艺术中心Eastern Art Center 12 可可托海的牧羊人 2 二等奖
Ballroom Dance - 社交舞
10 Sandy Lee & Raymond Kwong 2 Hustle 2 二等奖
11 Allison Young & Matthew 14 OL Tango 1 一等奖
Hip Hop / K-Pop Dance
少年组 Future Star Group 15-18
12 Yenyu Huang 17 Solo Hip Hop Something Real 1 一等奖
13 Yifan Li 16 Solo Hip Hop Love Dive 2 二等奖
15 银河少儿舞蹈团 8-12 7 少儿街舞《Zoo》 1 一等奖
16 Cece 舞蹈形体模特 / Cece Dance and Modeling, Peppe 10-16 8 Ice Cream 2 二等奖
耆英组Diamond Group_廣場舞 60 up
17 舊金山快乐健康舞队Happy & Healthy Dance Group 10 草原祝酒歌 2 二等奖
18 舊金山广场舞队 San Francisco Line Dance G roup 12 珊瑚颂 1 一等奖
19 舊金山快乐健康舞队Happy & Healthy Dance Group 10 梅花赋 3 三等奖
Fashion Show 时尚秀
Children Star Group 儿童组 5-14
1 银河少儿舞蹈团 5-14 20 少儿模特时尚秀《甜酷女孩乘风弄潮》 1 一等奖
耆英组 Diamond Group 60 up
2 世界旗袍文化协会美国艺术团 10 水乡温柔 1 一等奖