2021 SFNCFF Music Virtual Festival/影视音乐(声乐器乐)全球视频云汇演申请表

Please fill-in the following form and apply on-line. Video/Music link must be provided。请填写清楚以下所有部分, 并在线申请。视频/音乐链接必须提供。

And you can also download the application form here (Click Here) and mail it back with application fee. 你也可以载此表格  (点击此处)填写完连同银行支票一同寄来。



1.Paypal to : sfnewfilm@gmail.com    

2.Mail check & App payable to / 支票抬头: SFNCFF。    Mail to / 邮寄至: 4479 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94112


Entry Production Fee报名(演出制作)费(Deadline截止时间:7/31/2021)

*Solo  个人(独唱/独奏):                                                       报名费: $50   

*Duo or Group(3-4)重唱或小组唱/奏 (3-4人):         报名费:  $80

*Group(5-9)唱/奏(5-9人之内):                                   报名费:    $100

*Group(15)15人小合唱/奏:                                         报名费: $150

 *Group (16)16人以上大合唱/合奏:                           报名费: $200

Music Application Fee
SFNCFF Music Virtual Festival 电影音乐演唱演奏大赛申请表
*By Submitting below, the applicant confirmed that he/she holds all necessary rights for the submission of the Entry and for the granting of all the rights to SFNCFF herein and that he/she has read, understands and agrees to pay application fees and granting SFNCFF to exhibit on line or theater publicly or edit the submitted music for promotional usage for SFNCFF. 请在下栏签名。申请人必须拥有所投作品之演出必要权利以提交参演项目。申请人读懂此条款,理解并同意支付报名(演出制作)费并授予SFNCFF所有权以将作品录音录像在电影节网站或影院展示或另行剪辑提交电影节宣传推广使用。